Saturday, March 14, 2009


OK so a few days ago I typed "Love Soul" into search because I wanted to go there and stalk the chair. I noticed that there was something in the results called the Love Soul Restaurant and I was like zomg. So I went and checked it out, but it was blocked off so no one could enter. However, the info stated it was to be a store for Love Soul food themed items. I was like OMG OMG OMG!! And TPd Wren to show her and we squeed and waited patiently for it to open. Today it finally did! Yay! So, admittedly, there isn't much there right now. But the stuff that is there is super cute! I sat at the table and oredered up a burger, fries and a shake and tried to find someone to come and eat with me. I failed. Woe is me!!!

Then I stood up to leave but I was too hungry so I stood in the doorway blocking everyone's way and eating my burger just to spite the happy couples. CRY!

Heehee! The burger with eating animation (male, kid, and female versions) costs 60L (I think). The restaurant employee hair with visor (and adorable little burger and shake attached!!) is 140L. Weee! Go have fun and invite me to lunch.


Prooburger said...

You look so washed you, your burger must have been tainted.

sileny said...

I was going for the "security camera ancient film" look haha