Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Finds

So, there is no rest for the blogger. I must post for you. The theme today is springy goodness!

First of all, an outfit for you. The tank with the cute lil nipple bumps is a SOM gift from WoE. The owner, Dick, is hilarious and awesome. The skirt is a lucky chair gift from Baby Monkey. BM always has tons of gifties and cheapies so keep an eye on them.

The hat in the above picture is the latest free gift from Kurotsubaki. It changes textures with a click into one of three adorable options, shown below.
The spring time joy is from the wonderful Ding's store 50 Flats. No, I do not know Ding personally, but I hear she is wonderful anyway and her blog is sweet! Heehee! The flats there are only like 55L normally anyway..which is mega cheap..but there is also a random pick machine where you can get a pair for 35L and there are also two free pairs shown below. Yay!

And if you need even more shoes, the super mega cheap and fab shoe store Duh sent out these heels in the SOM today! Weee! So spoiled! Cartoon birds not included :P

Another SOM to get a gift from is Cupcakes and Poetry. This hilarious gift comes when you subscribe. DOOM CUPCAKE!

And now that you have been majorly spoiled, you can pay 99L into the RFL vendor and get this oh so glorious cupcake hat from Cupcakes and Poetry as well. WOOT!

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