Thursday, March 19, 2009


What? You thought I was going to ask you to donate, and not drop some coin myself? Please. I went into the clothing fair loaded with L to drop for a good cause. 5k later I left with a piiiile of goodies. The theme for the fair this season is Pirates as you may know, so I figured I'd show off my piratey purchases first, and I'll show off the rest of it tomorrow. Don't forget, the Clothing fair ends on Sunday, and there are a lot of freebies to grab too! Not to mention the hunt. Each chest is 10L, but it goes to RFL and with gifts from designers like Bare Rose and Blacklace, its definately worth looking into.Probably the most epic of all priate gear to be claimed is from .+*Cipher*+. I agonized over whether or not to purchase it. It is 1000L, and while that is a pretty steep price tag, the details, the layers and the options available in the set are straight up, ridiculous, and totally worth every penny. The hat has a hair option too, so you get clothes, and hair, and boots... and just, pure unadulturated awesome.
Solange! has put out one of the most popular RFL items in the event, they've sold SO much its a little flabbergasting. Regardless, the outfit is fun, flirty and adorable, best of all it only costs 350L.
Blacklace didn't pull any punches with this hot little piratey number. Pru and I stood in awe for a fair amount of time. Its 450L, which is totally reasonable for gold dubloon hotpants. Don't lie, you know you want them. The little hat that comes with the set is adorable as well.
Need something that is a little more rough and tumble as opposed to slinky and sexy? INDI has a fantastic set, with all kinds of layers and options to help you make the outfit completely reflect you. It retails for 300L, and while I'm showing the whole outfit right herethe vest, the white top under and the tank under that are all different layers, you can be sexy or intimidating, and get whatever job you're hoping to get done, done.

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