Sunday, March 22, 2009

Plod-er Face.

Plod hunt? Nowai. Wai wai.
I logged in today, and didn't get a hello. No sir, I got a "Plod hunt, get a move on." Not a while later, we were finished to enjoy some poker. To Wrenny's dismay, the table wouldn't even give her fucking cards, and she was sadface about it.

As usual, you get a hud upon landing, and you have to run around collecting 10 playing cards. Once you find your cards, go click the big one on the dock here, then click your hud and you will get the poker set! It comes are a full unlinked set that you can drop, seen above and also as individual pieces so you can set things up the way you want. The table is supposed to give you a hand of cards, and the chairs are clickable with four or five different animations in them.

Also! Join ::plod:: information, for this super mega cute tractor toy >.< He drive around is circle and blows smoke. Way too cute, guh!!

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