Saturday, March 14, 2009


I love you Frick. Ahem. Anyway. Frick has a new free skin! Yay! This gorgeous greenie is just fantabulous. Frick never fails to impress me with the inventive makeup on all their skins. *sigh of contentment inserted here*

If you want to wait around for the lucky chair ( I got ultra lucky and had an S appear like two minutes after I got there) you can get the same makeup on four additional skintones. All four skin tones come in the pack, along with the cute clover tank I am wearing. Yay!

Also make time to look around the store while you are there. The prices on many of the skins have been reduced. You can get some pretty awesome skins for 15L or less even.

1 comment:

Isabeau said...

I know! Fricka needs to stop stealing my Ls. Every time she releases something or refreshes the chair, I find myself in the store buying everything that isn't pink. <3 Fricka, even tho you takes all my monies.