Friday, March 27, 2009

Unicorns and Rainbows

(And Blood.)
More stuff from the Unicorn campaign. :3
The Starlust Hotel and Harold Playground are being stocked with pro and anti unicorn goods. Wren already blogged the Katatonik dress but here's some stuff that's appeared since.

The wings, bow and bangle are free at The Starlust Motel.
The t-shirt is a dollarbie at the same loaction. Wait for the boxes to rez and check prizes if you're on a budget 'cause there's some non-free things in there too.

These skins are a dollar for all tones at The Starlust Motel...

And these are at anti-unicorn Harold.
We're supporting unicorns here at Love/Hate but we also like blood-stained skins. <.<

(Shop names go to main stores, clothing details go to actual clothes.)
T-Shirt - Schadenfreude - Starlust Dollarbie
Wings / Bow - Silent Sparrow - Starlust Freebie
Bracelet - ChaosLotus - Starlust Freebie
Rainbow Skins - Imagen - Starlust Dollarbie
Blood-Stained Skins - Imagen - Harold Dollarbie
And there's more, maybe even more to come. o.O

As a note, the leggings are from Sn@tch and they're not free, incase you're continuing on the rainbow theme in your own time. x:

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