Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dom-V group Gifts

Domestic-V has some really fab gifts in the group notices. If you didn't get quite your fill of skins at the 20L sale last week, then here are a couple more for ya!

First, this beautiful mint-shadowed skin is in the notices. It was a St. Patty's gift but is still available for a while! So pretty. I'll never get sick of green :P

Next is skin, hahaha! Frankly it creeps me out. But i think that really shows how good the creator really is. It takes a lot for an SL product to make me cringe, so yeah the artist did a great job, haha!

I hope when you join the groups we show the gifts for that you are either staying in these groups and helping to promote them, or are going to buy something/donate to tip jars/etc. I really don't like group jumping for the sake of free stuff. If anything, at least send the creator a thank you IM for their hard work :P

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