Friday, March 13, 2009

Fawning Over Scribble

So today I was wandering aimlessly when I got a notice from Scribble that there is yet ANOTHER goodie to be had from the lucky board. Oh joy! I TP'd there faster than you can say gumball and, luckily, I won the new treat! This bubble pipe is just so cute and really, really fun. And let's face it, in SL, who doesn't love stuff in their mouth? (Get yer mind outta the gutter you perv!) Also, the scarf I am wearing is a freebie hidden in the store. Trick is, the only clue is "it's green, it's hidden, and it's free." for a tiny green hidden free thingy to get the scarf!

While we were chatting in the Scribble group, Radio mentioned a store opening so I of course had to check it out. Glad I did! The store is called This is Fawn and it just opened on the wonderful Floyd SIM. The store is a wee bit empty at the moment but you can see the massive potential. The designer has mad art skills you can see in the paitings for sale. The brown shirt I am wearing is free if you join the subscribo! Weee! The grey shirt is 80L and you can choose which letter you want. I, of course, chose S as it is my all time fave letter. Except I curse said letter most of the time when I am hunting lucky chairs :P

OK, well go have fun and support the artists!

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