Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is my first blog post!! Thank you for making me part of the Love/Hate Dysfunctional Family! This is one of my favorite blogs and I'm so very happy to be a part of it! My posting may be sporadic but, I'll be sharing some of my SL adventures, some debauchery, and of course I'll show you how this Mama stays Fashionably Fabulous... without buying L's.

So I work at the cutest club called The Peacock Feather!! This is where I fulfill my fantasy of being a 50's pinup glamour girl and perform the sensual art of Burlesque. It is a quaint little vintage riverboat, and its got a ton of charm. The brainchild of Chandar Muhindra, The Peacock Feather is a fun, sophisticated, and pleasant place to visit. You might take your sweetie here for a turn on the dance floor, to watch one of the shows, or maybe partake in a contest to win cash and sometimes prizes from Reasonable desires or [AV]!

You probably recall seeing a post by Sileny modeling this beautiful *Vita Bella* dress as she enjoyed the clubs ambiance. Along with *Vita Bella*, you will also find goodies from Voodoo dolls, Jet Doll, Le Burlesque, and just tonight the lovely Adreahna Vlodovic of [AV] has left a new gift EXCLUSIVE to The Peacock Feather! When you come by please remember to hit the NEW Subscribe-o-Matic so you can keep up with events at the club! Now see the YUM!!

[AV] Peacock Feather Exclusive Lingerie set. I just love the lace bow detail.

Voodoo Dolls neon blue set, Burlesque with a twist!
The skulls and butt ruffles totally do it for me!
You can buy this entire outfit minus the shoes at the Peacock Feather for 1L!
*swoon* Even the hair only 1L! Now get out those pinup poses and have some fun!The Shoes are Digit Darkes Mary Janes in "Ocean" 400L,BUT you can find a similar looking pair in Gold or Silver Here!! Woot.My skin in both pics is Freeb from Cybernetic Skins,I'm not sure if its still available!


Emerald Wynn said...

YAY! I love you, Hempy! So glad to see you on one of my favorite blogs!! Woot!!

Eden said...

Yay Hempy! You look great!

Hempy Weezles said...

YAY Thanks guys for the nice comments <3

Adreahna Vlodovic said...

Congrats for you first post!!!


Lanie Recreant said...

yay Hempy!

Hempy Weezles said...

awww <3 Thank you guys!!

Sorrowburn Aeon said...

Yay! We'll have to pass around the hookah when I get back home! ^_^

Hempy Weezles said...

Sounds good!