Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Skins From Imagen

(Or Taking Skin Pics Is Hard.)
Sileny favourtie Imagen is hosting a St. Patrick's Day hunt. There's twenty shamrocks to find for a linden each. The first set contains a set of green eyes in two different sizes and the remaining 20 contain skins.
Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of every single skin but fortunately I remember which ones I did use (hopefully). x:
There's skins from the Irene and Lia line, which are picture here and one from Silvia.

And hopefully the pics fit...

Irene Skins: Norte Erin - Este Patricia - Este Verde

Lia Skins: Norte Verde - Este Patricia - Oeste Erin

All Lia skins in Sur

Skins / Eyes - Imagen - St. Patrick's Day Hunt
Bikini - Figure 8 - 8L 'till March

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