Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Save The Unicorns! D:

(Or Starlust-Harold Randoms.)
Starlust has opened up a new sim called Harold. They've also gone on an anti-unicorn tangent which I neither support nor understand but I have some anti-unicorn related shorts for you anyway. x:
The run-down: there's freebies and dollarbies all over the sim. You just wander around and find them. Some are in shops, some are in open areas. I've linked to both shops and freebie areas at the bottom of the post but there's more out there, I'm just not so good at mass-freebie blogging. x: Here's some stuff I found:

The first three skins are from Psyche which is hosting an egg (the sunny-side up variety) hunt. They're Eloh Elliot / Another Skin mods. You can also find a necklace and earrings. There's also a free bag with the bracelets / arm bands.
The last skin was free outside the Lessthan3 tent but I didn't see it when I went to collect SLURLs. However I did find it at the mainstore. -Shrugs.- Sorry for the goose chase. o.o
The hair is a dollarbie from Wot and it's colourchange. Yay. :3
Eyes are from Tacky Star, these are from the boxes instore and there's also one at the landing area.
The shirts are in the area when you first land. There's quite a few other boxes around there so fish about.
The shorts / pants / what are those? Are from the Starlust group. They could be for men, is it a bad sign that I can't tell? I don't spend a lot of time crotch-spying... I'm mostly guessing because the shop's called Boycut.

Don't ban the unicorns. ): (I like the random boxes I have going on here. >.>)

(SLURLS go to shop then freebie, if in different location)
Skins 1-3 - Psyche - Egg Hunt
Skins 4 - Lessthan3 - Harold Opening Freebie (May be gone from Harold, is at mainstore though.)
Hair - WOT? - Harold Dollarbie
Eyes 1-3 - Tacky Star - Barbie Freebies
Eyes 4 - Tacky Star - Assorted Eyes For 1L

Shirt - Harold Dollarbie
Shorts - Boycut - Starlust Group
Bracelets - Psyche - Freebie

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