Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not Free But Definitely Cheap

I bring you boots, courtesy of Prue if I'm honest. x:

I'm going to start with the dress because it's not in my other photos. x:
The outfit is from Sn@tch. Not free but if you can crowd enough people around the riotvend you can have it for just 50l, it comes with two other legging options too. :3

And on to the boots...

They're not free but they cost a very low 29l from Jim's Goth Shop, you can also buy them on XStreetSL. (I got it right for once...)
I think they're based on a texture / sculpt that's full perm so you may see them in other places but these particular boots are customised. They have straps and prim eyelets / threads, unlike the others I've seen. They also have a texture change script (woo, love those) so they'll take up much less space than nine boots in different colours and a size script so you can refit them. They're transfer so you can gift them to friends but they're no mod so they... Can't be modded.

I do have a minor twitch in that they don't come with invisifeet so you may see the edges of your feet in certain poses. This is where it starts to get confusing as I explain all the palces I know with invisfeet. x:
If you already own the plain version from Vixen, which was a freebie at one point, you'll have invisifeet. If you don't you can grab the freebie purple boots at Wik's Wardrobe on the same sim. I also think Eva (which has freebie boots out at the minute) and SHi have invisifeet for different shoes that I think would work. (SHi's are scripted for walk / sounds.)

And I'm done, you can stop taking notes now. x:

Outfit - Sn@tch - Riotvend lowest price 50L
Boots - Jim's Goth Shop - 29l, also available on XStreetSL

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Proone said...

Same creator has a tall over-knee version available too for 89L I think it is too!