Thursday, March 19, 2009

bzz bzz

A late night message for you

I didn't want to do it, but I was kind of put in a corner, so there is now a L/H group, you can find it in my profile 'The Love/Hate Hivemind' Its open for talking, chair calling and whatever, so keep that in mind when you join, ignorance is not an excuse, and I will freely ban people who cause problems :D other than that, we'll have a good time.


Proo said...

Rubbish, she wanted to do it. We will have a group join board in the HQ sometimes tomorrow evening when I get home to create one, unless Wren does it before me. You guys can then use that to join at will if you are too lazy to navigate one of our profiles.

The group was spur of the moment, and will be used as a LC group, and blog related I assume.

Alexx Usbourne said...

I'd still like to know what the hell happened...the notecard that was supposed to come through did not. If anyone wants to i.m. me & let me know, it'd be cool. I joined another group before I saw your blog, but when I log back in, I'll "tap dat". o.O

Sorrowburn Aeon said...

To much douche~baggery is what happened. People couldn't solve their drama between themselves and continued to bring poor Clara into it.

She tried for weeks to get people to be grown-up and deal with their own troubles but apparently some people need to be hand~held in a video game as much as they do in RL.

Alexx Usbourne said...

I thought as much.
Douchebaggery...that's one of my favorite words, how'd you know?

sileny said...

The thing I am loving so far about the hivemind group is that like...there indeed has been little to no douchebaggery. It's very nice! Like a cozy home but in group form, lmao.