Sunday, March 15, 2009


OK..I really need to find more titles :P

First off, [AV] sent out another great retro subscribo gift. The set includes the dress (which can totally be worn with the skirt for the cute pants set!), two sets of bangles, and shoes! [AV] is like...really cool.

Next, Zullay sent out this mini skirt-top set to her subscribo. I am only showing the one color, but you basically get the fat pack with a jillion colors. Yay!

And finally, xXYomeshoujoXx sent this halter out to the update group. I think it is really cute and creative, as are all their items.


Anonymous said...

Use lyrics, or completely pointless statements.

sileny said...

Excellent suggestion! Heehee! I can always use another excuse to spout random song lyrics <3