Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cupcakes Can Haz Cupcakes

So I was at Cupcakes winning this cute shirt in the lucky chair (TY Uns!)...

...when I noticed something new to me. There was a machine that looked like an over with cupcakes on top. And it was selling random mystery cupcakes for 25L each. Hmm. I was down to 73L AFTER camping but, as I am a bit obsessed with cupcakes, I bought one anyway even though I knew nothing about it. Well it turns out there are a whole bunch of really cute prizes to be won! The first thing I won was this white jumpsuit. I really, really like this outfit. It feels retro and modern and young and classy and crazy all at the same time.

And even though I couldn't seem to win any of the skins or other clothing items in the chair while I was there, the second 25L random cupcake I got contained an outfit cute enough to temporarily ease my mood. Booty shorts, Hey!! Hahaha!
So, basically, I know nothing about when this will be gone, how many prizes there are, or any other details. I just bought blind and was satisfied.

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