Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pop Feel Item Camp and HQ Gift Update

There's a new item camp at Pop Feel! Yay! 20 minutes will get you this high-waist red skirt you can wear to relieve your self of all the green if you so choose. I love high waists!!

And if you can't find shoes to match the exact red of the skirt, camp for 15 more minutes to get these shoes! Yay!

I also want to show some dollarbies that have been donated to the L/H HQ by Kairi Felix. We are supposed to do be doing monthly updates rather than item by item but I took these pics forever ago and they are taunting me in my photo file so I am just going to post them now. The first item is this super cute dress:

The second item is this fab top/skirt combo. The hair is the third item!! Woot! Hair for the HQ, I love it. Keep in mind that Kairi Felix does not have a store, which means these items are not available anywhere else. Love! Thank you Kairi Felix.

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