Monday, March 23, 2009

Cupcakes, Rainbows...Sexy Eggs?

So, someone in one of my groups let me know of a lucky cupcake, much like a lucky dip, at a place called Bittersweet. And I, of course, was on that flies on..honey. Ahem. I am so glad I went though because there are sooo many fun and silly things there! The lucky cupcake is exactly like a lucky dip. you right click the giant cupcake and select "Yummy" from the pie chart menu thingy. You may get a booby prize (a cupcake) or you could win this cute basket with holding animation that gives cupcakes out to anyone that touches it!! YAY!

If you step inside the cafe near the lucky cupcake you will find some fun stuff, including a tasteful looking cake that gives out chocolate penis lollipops. One of my fave gifts in there is this rideable rainbow that you get from clicking the sparkling rainbow cake. Th cake says a funny saying too when you click it, so watch your local chat hehe. You know, after thinking about quote again, I'm not sure if this rainbow is being ridden or being humped. Hmm. Moving on.And finally, my favorite find was this set uf "Slave Display Eggs" which costs 25L. Joy! I was thinking "haha, yeah right, sexy eggs :P" but some how these eggs end up being cute AND sexy at the time after all. Who knew? There is also a decorated egg set for 65L and a "Slave Display Easter Basket" for which I can't remember the price.

There are also tons of other goodies in the other stores in the shopping area and even custom catchables for you 7Seas fishers out there! I caught the most adorable octopus wearing a stocking cap! Love!

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