Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A-Bomb Cheapies!

You only have until Friday to get the following deals from A-Bomb, so move swiftly if you want to catch them!

First off, this super great dress is only 1L in the teal color shown. Mmmm...teal... a tasty hybrid of blue and green! Heehee! Since the teal kitten ballet boots matched so perfectly they have been set to only 100L until Friday as well. Yay for matching!!

And one thing that is not matching would be these shoes! Ahem. BUT that is my doing. You see, these sandals are only 50L until Friday and each part is texture/color change. I wanted to show you how many patterns there are to choose from but it was getting really late so I just mixed four of them together, haha. There are about a billion more to choose from though! So 50L is a pretty good deal since it is like getting a billion different pairs of sandals in one.

OK, go forth and shop!

1 comment:

Hempy Weezles said...

I looove those a-bomb boots.. I know you love green like meee! I like how you arranged that pic it looks nice. :)