Monday, March 23, 2009


SO a while back I blogged the limited time 2L lingerie set called Leah from RD (HERE). When I went into work today I was bored and started calling the letters in the Hivemind group thinking it was still the previous chair item. Well lucky for you all I was wrong! Apparently I missed a notice or something and Reasonable Desires has the Leah set in four chair exclusive colors up for stalking! I have yet to win the yellow or the pink, but I did snag the red and purple while I was there. Isn't this set hot? Every girl looks better in garters in my opinion!

The necklace I am wearing with the lingerie is from Blood Diamond Jewlery and it is not free but it is special! The Springtime set is covered in cute little butterflies and is only available at the Lemania Indigo location. It is 250L for the earrings and necklace and worth every L. I wish I had a better graphics card for taking photos to show you all the super cute little details. Ah,'ll just have to go get it your self and see! :D

And to wrap things up for the night, I have a quick Bunny Hop hunt preview! The shoes are part of the gift from Sentou Yousei, which includes three pairs of shoes and matching purses!! YUM! I just can't get enough Sentou Yousei!! The ears and tail with the adorable little bunny on the back are by Sassy Kitty. Squee! So sweet I got a tummy ache! Heehee!

Well, here's to spring! I am all about it!


Alexx Usbourne said...

erm...I thought I was the only one who missed the group message. o.O

sileny said...

LMAO! Nope I think they just magically changed hahaha.