Sunday, March 29, 2009

Osaka Sock-it-to-ya

I Tp'd to Osaka by accident the other day, I always liked the look of this sim and I haven't been in a while so I decided to have a look around. I found some nice goodies.. I'll show you here. This colorful skirt perfect for your spring wardrobe I found at Meu! and Ska shack.
Located right by the door in a pretty gift box.

Star sandals from Haysuriza
you can find them right outside the shop on a small stump. This dainty little mushroom necklace can be found at The Swansong.

And Last but not Least...

You have GOT to pick up this subscribo gift from TOAST!
Includes: Tank,Shorts,Skirt,Stockings, and cute lil prim bow detail on the tank.
WELL worth a click!

Other stuff
Hair in first pic: Lamb group gift.
Skin: Same Rita skin I just blogged.
Sweater in first pic: LFS (Lychee Feeling shop) ??
I know I picked this up free or nearly free but I went back and didn't see it!
If anyone remembers where lemme know! :) ty

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