Saturday, March 21, 2009

My mom's Armoire is hot, but not THIS hot.

Over the past week you may have been hearing whispers about an event called the Armoire. I hope you've checked it out, but if you haven't, I'm here to give you a few reasons to do so. The event is a jewelry exposition featuring five designers, some of the best on the grid. There is a center plaza showing off some of their newest work, and the whole area is surrounded by a labyrinth for you to navigate.Balderdash silver treasure gift

That is not all though, there is actually a hunt going on during the exposition to get small, but fantastic gifts from the designers as well. You're navigating the labyrinth to find jewels to unlock secrets in the treasure chests you'll find in the rotundas of each designer which are located along the outskirts of the sim. There is a folder with all of the information you need to complete the hunt and claim the prizes.

There are two sorts of hunts, the silver hunt and the gold hunt. The silver hunt is completely free, just find the jewels, put them in the box, get the key and unlock the treasure chest, but the gold hunt requires you to get a 'flawless gem' to complete the quest. Flawless gems are found in items prices 200L or more in the jewelry exposition in the middle of the sim.

Unless you're just flush with cash you probably won't be doing the gold chest hunt for all of the designers, but I'm sure you'll find a gift from one designer you can't live without. For me it was the lovely Violet Voltaire. Her gold box gift is a complete Melancholy set, one of her newest designs, in white and silver. Earrings, necklace, bracelet, the set is fantastic. I'd been drooling over the sets for awhile, and then get treated with this.

As with all of Violet's creations you'll find exquisite details and a playful design, but quality all around. This Sunday from noon to 2 there will be a jewelry show showing off all of the new designs available for you to purchase from the main hall. You juuuust might see me there too.

I was lucky enough to be cast as a model for Violet Voltaire's series of designs. So I was able to get the goods on her newest release. It makes me think of alllll the wonderful plasticky toys from the eighties, I almost feel like a Violet Voltaire edition barbie doll or something weeee

There are four different designs, each shown on a different piece of the sets. Earrings, hair clippys, necklace and of course the doll key. The doll key in this set is so ridiculously awesome I can hardly stand it. The work Violet puts into all of her designs, and textures are what really makes her work stand out, the pieces actually look plastic, the jewels actually look like, well, jewels. And I die every time I put a new piece on.

I love how she's taken a liking to doing barrettes recently. From the set she provided for our HQ opening, to the hair clippys she has put together in this set, they are all adorable, and I want to wear all of them at once. Don't judge me. The full sets for each style retail at 550L, keep in mind that's earrings, necklace, hair clips and doll key and during the event, they come with a flawless stone.

You only have until tomorrow night to do the hunt and get the exclusive gifts from the treasure boxes, so if nothing else, get to the Armoire for that. But do check out the main hall, and if you see something to like? Buy it! Especially if it means you can get one of the gold box items, as they are totally and completely worth the price.


Dahlindah Destiny said...

Violet's stuff is gorgy!
You pull it of so well!
I'm heading off to check it out- after all, this fair ends today!

Wrenja said...

thank you ^^