Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Genesis Hunt

(Or Reasons To Improve On My Photography)
There's a couple of St. Patrick's Day Hunts on for the rest of the week and the one at Genesis is definitely worth doing. It finishes on Saturday if you want to leave it for a few days, which might be a good idea as I imagine it might be very popular.
There are six boxes for one Linden each. They contain St. Patrick's Day themed pyjamas, two sets of nails, necklace and earrings, eight skin tone with and without freckles and some eh... Pubic hair in the shape of a clover. The boxes are very small but quite easy to find, I found one rather tricky so as a hint they're all inside except one.
I'm still working on blog and photography skills but fortunately there's a poster of the other prizes in store. So all I really have to show you are the skins but they're very pretty skins available in colours I don't even have in my ears. I especially like the darkest tones. <3 All come with freckled and non freckled versions.

Skins - Genesis - St. Patrick's Day Hunt

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sileny said...

Hey, I suck at picture taking, haha. I think yours are nice <3

In other news, yay for skins!