Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AV Strikes Again

So if you are not in the [AV] SOM I don't know what your problem is :P This faboo brown jacket was given as a gift! Free! Yay! It makes me feel like a super spy. Gotta love that.

This spring dress is the most recent dollarbie, located right next to the SOM. And if pretty pink floofy dresses aren't your thing you can take off the skirt and wear the capris! The shoes shown are also 1L, you can find them upstairs. And there is a necklace and a pair of flats in the lucky board that would match this dress too, but I was not fortunate enough to win those.

And while you are shopping (check out the Wednesday dress for 175L...I want it bad and it shall be my next purchase when I can scrape up some cash) have a seat for 20 minutes to get one of these lingerie sets! The prim bow on top is really pretty when you see it in person. And 20 minutes camping time each is a really, really good deal!

There are tons of other dollarbies and cheapies floating around the store, I suggest you take a peek if you haven't already.

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