Monday, March 30, 2009

Fine Ensemble

Couple of things I picked up on the bunny hunt. I'd love to go through the entire hunt and post my favourites but I think I'm a bit slow for that. x:
Fashion rules state you shouldn't mix gold and silver but I'm a bit lazy, slow and short of time so I'm combning them slighlty for this post. x:
The only other fashion rule I know would be black goes with everything...

The dress is a hunt prize from Ensemble and also comes with a flexi skirt and collar option.
The necklace and belt I saw whilst searching for the egg at Fine. They're opening gifts so I don't know if there permanent or limited and they're copy / no transfer.

Dress - Ensemble - Bunny Hop hunt
Necklace / Belt - Fine - Opening gift (If it drops you at an entrance point, follow carrots and use TP board.)


Noir said...
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Noir said...

Hi, can I ask where you got your elven ears? so adorable! xx ty!

Trickett Nightfire said...

Ears are from Illusions. :3