Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you!!

The generosity of designers never ceases to amaze me! With all the freebies, dollarbies, hunt prizes, gifts about it is hard to keep up! They keep us bloggers on our toes and they keep you busy exploring their creativity enticing you with goodies trying to keep your attention with their extensive talents. Which brings me to this post, not one day after I blogged about Toast's group gift.. I get another gift from the beautiful and talented JessicaAnne Bailey, this time it is celebrating her 600th group member YAY! Quite an accomplishment we here at Love/Hate congratulate you, and wish you much success! If your not in Toasts group yet go smack that subscribo if this sweet dress isn't reason enough... you might be on crack.

While your there don't forget to pick up your bunny hop egg!! Trust me you cant miss this one its HUGE! I picked mine up before I finished this post, and I couldn't leave this out! This is only part of the goodness but its sooo cute! Check out this little cuddle egg with surprise inside!! He pops in and out and is freakin adorable! There is a cute outfit too, but I'll leave that as a surprise! Eyelet dress in violet-Toast 600th member group gift!

Shoes: MY FAV! Magic Silver D'fly's from XCENTRICITY not free

Skin: New group gift from Cupcakes!! Seduction line Mmm 250L group fee worth every penny and then some.

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