Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blonde Moment

If you haven't noticed I LOVE Vintage. So you know I ran right over to Blonde to grab this new Spring Cleaning set they put out (50L). It includes 2 different waist aprons, rubber gloves, and a long fluffy feather duster. Each waist apron is also available solo for 10L each. The green "pinny" in the middle here is free! I had way too much fun modeling this set for you. ~_^
True domestic goddess.
Shh! Naughty house wife?
Now I need a break after all my hard work.
Washers rockin. Dont come knock'in.

Sweater & Glasses: Artilleri Subscribo sign-up gift.
I checked and it isn't in the history, but it be available at sign-up.
JetDoll Hair: Free at The Peacock Feather.
Pencil Skirt: Yips "Grey beauty happy hour pencil skirt" Free

Now if you don't have the pocket change to spend at Blonde but you still want to get your retro on you should head over to Yellow Submarine Homewares. You will find some nice retro and modern prim friendly furniture. Go up a Level or two and you will find this nifty Bar set in the Lucky chair with a 2 minute timer!! I must be awful lucky because I walked up and scored a H!
That's where I met owner Sunshower Lane who is sweet as can be. Make sure you hit the Subscribo while your there and on the top level is a MM and some fun freebies. Definitely worth a trip thanks Nance for the tip!
This entire bar set is 28 Prims, and includes everything pictured here: Bar, 4 scripted stools w/3 Poses, two vintage Coke-a-Cola posters, and MY FAV this awesome pin-up lamp.
*Not included me and my bestie Kassiecakes! TYfor posing for me Muah*

Carhop outfit and Skates Available in the lucky chair at JetDoll!
Kassies outfit and hair also from Jetdoll Not Free.


Proo said...

Also! We have a gift from Sunshower in the HQ!

Whimsy WInx said...

O M G! I HAVE to have that outfit