Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vampire Trick Needs A Nap

The Luna's Boutique group just put this complete avi from Candy House in the group notices. You can find it by searching 'Lunas Boutique' (no apostrophe). I've found the group gifts get updated very often. :3 There's also a pose HUD and smile attachment. I discourage using smile attachments though 'cause you look kind of odd. x:

It's a complete vampire avi, shape, two skins, hair, eyes, teeth and HUD, clothes, batwings, boots, AO. I don't think I missed anything...
The outfit comes in both black and red, the next picture shows the red jacket and skirt.

Couple of notes:
The shape I used in the pics is just a 'vamp-faced' mod of Trick, bonus points to anyone who noticed that. x:
The hair I used in the pictures isn't from the set but it is free from Topaz Square and I think it works really well with the look. :3 The hair in the vampire set was no mod so I had some bald spots on my big head. x:
The tattoos I forgot to take off, the eyes I forgot to switch and obviously the ears are a fairly permanent fixture so ignore them. x: My antlers went walkies because elf-deer-vampire was too much. >.>
If you come back and find this post completely revised it's because I thought up a more interesting way to write it...

Skin / Outfit / Boots / Poses (AO) - Candy House - Luna's Boutique group, search 'Lunas Boutique'
Hair - Topaz Square - Freebie

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