Saturday, February 7, 2009

And the secret is unveiled.

When I started this blog at the end of September last year, I really didn't know what I was getting into. I was a bit frustrated because I had been giving my favorite bloggers tips only to see the tip wind up on another blog a week or two later. So I started the blog.

Part of me figured it would be a flippant amusement for a few weeks and then I'd move on to other things, but the blog is entering it's fifth month of existence, has over 600 posts, and last month I had a goal to get 10k hits(for the month, we're over 26k at this point), and we got 11k. I don't even know how I managed all of this, except with help from the wonderful Sileny, my favorite Proo, and all our fabulous readers who love to let me know they read the blog, which just makes my black little heart glow.

So here we are at the closing weekend of Lunar New Year, and what are we going to do about it? WE'RE GOING TO THROW A PARTY MOTHERFUCKERS. That's right babies, Love/Hate is a big girl blog now, and we're opening our very own Headquarters! This isn't just a tiny little event, this is a HOLY FUCK DID THEY REALLY DO THAT? sort of event. You'll land in the Headquarters, here, and then after oohing and aaaahing at the HQ itself, you'll grab a landmark, leave a message on the bulletin board and the, and finally teleport to the Event platform, and be even more wowed by everything you're going to get for presents!

We have practically 40 gifts from 28 different stores, and I made sure to get your favorites here. We have Katat0nik, The Crystal Queendom, Violet Voltaire, Sin & Secrets, DV8 and SO many more, I'll be putting a complete list at the end of this post. Creators have been SO generous for this even that I've been floored since the first gift has been put out! Its just ONE AMAZING THING AFTER THE OTHER. That, and look who got the Red and White Ghostfire dress? Oh right, thats *US*.
Dark Goddess Designs has put out some of the most amazing horns I've *ever* seen on the grid. There are two sets, a valentine themed pair and a set for all you unholy demons out there with inverted pentagrams, just to make it extra evil for you. Not feeling so demonic? Check out the adorable dress from Crystal Queendom, the Ed Hardy style dress from On The Cat walk, and the ridiculously cute watch from Kawaii Style!
There is literally SO much here to be had, it makes me a bit faint to think about. There is something here to please everyone from the mermaids, to the demons to the cybergoth kids. If you remember those lovely glowy wrist bands I was flaunting around on the blog a few days ago, those are a special gift from DV8 to you, they are color change and fantastic, just like all the rest of their stuff! Atargis has given us TWO different mermaid sets. Not just the outfits either, these suckers include a mermaid AO! We all know how hard those can be to find, especially for FREE.
We have lots of jewelry options from Blood Diamond, DM Designs, Ticky Tacky and Sanu! Violet Voltaire has made us special bows for our pretty little heads, Furniture from Buddhabeats, FD Designs and a posing stool from []On The Cover[]! It really doesn't even end there, because we've also got Dilly Dolls, Wretched Dollies, Cup of Crown, Aqua and Gryphon Wings!
We also have something that is really special from Sin & Secrets. The lovely Leila Dix was ecstatic when I approched her to participate, and she gave me not one, but two things. She also told me that she wanted us to be able to sell these things to help fund future events and projects the blog partakes in. There is a skin, priced at only 5L, and the dress is 1L. I know we hate having to buy things, so I tried to make things a price that wasn't too intrustive, and its going to a good cause! Especially if you enjoy and appreciate this event, we'd love it if you were to help us even a tiny bit to get our next event going (and believe me, its in the works as we speak!)
One of the other super special contributions is a pair of L/H pants, from where? B@re Rose! How did we get B@re Rose you ask? Because we are fucking magical :O also, we showed them how YOU, the READERS, voted them as the number one store of the year in our readers pole, and next thing I know, we have quite possibly the most awesome pair of jeans in the universe!

Finally, I just want to say thank you to EVERYONE. Our supporters, the creators who went out of their way to help us make this event as fantastic as it is, and to my two favorite girls who help me here on the blog. The event is going to run from Feb 7th to Feb 9th, with a party on the 9th from 3-7 PM on te event platform that you can get to with the teleporter in the HQ.

Complete list of Contributors:

Dilly Dolls
Dark Goddess Designs
Blood Diamond
On the Catwalk
gryphonWings Designs
Tea Lane
Bare Rose
On the Cover
Ticky Tacky
FD Designs
Cup of Crown
Violet Voltaire
Kawaii Style
Buddha beats
Sin & Secrets
Crystal Queendom


Anonymous said...

congrats! i'm proud and on my way there!


Anonymous said...

Congrats. You guys are all amazing. I can't wait to head inworld and see everything. I hope there are some tip jars scattered about for those of us who also want to help =)

Elliandra Parx

Olela said...

I love your blog,i noticed there was nothing similar to this in Italian, my language, that's why i decided to start one of my own. It's nothing special,nothing to do with the wowness of this blog lol but i just wanted to thank you for everything you do, for your tips in here, your ability, your humor :D
Love/Hate is the number one ;)
Thanx and congrats!!! :)

Prudence said...

I should start posting in Spanish.

Wensledale Firanelli said...

Yay! I can't wait to check it out. I've enjoyed your blog so much that it is always my first stop as I head into the SL world. I don't know if you remember this, Wrenja, but the first day I found your blog I ended up teleporting to your house because the SLURL was messed up lol!

Anyway, good luck and I hope your future is prosperous :)

Wrenja said...

I DO remember! Can't wait to see you at the event ^^

Mashimaro Oh said...

congratulations on opening own HQ!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I popped in and was thrilled with the lovely gifties from wonderful creators :) Not to mention the ear candy playing on the stream ;)
I hope to make it to the partay too.

Jezabell said...

You guys are doing sooooo great. I hope the rest of the grand opening goes really well. Can't wait to see what y'all come up with next!!