Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Little Heaven Camp!

So besides the amazingly floofy red hair, the police woman belt, and other accessories at Little Heaven, you can also camp for an extremely sexy pirate outfit.

Look at it. Behold the saucy. I SAID BEHOLD! Ugh it is so cute. The camping time is 214 minutes (get it, valentines day heehee) so this is something you where will have to hop and go like do chores for a while or something. But it's worth it.

The boots now are the coolest part in my opinion. EYEBALLS! EYEBALLS AND BUCKLES AND RED LEATHER! You want it. They are grisly like the mode of camping as well, which is hanging from a noose. Ah, well. No pain no gain :P
*sword not included with outfit

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sileny said...

Just wanted to add that if you did not want to camp there are other colors for sale!