Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For all of your Hunting needs

Evening ^^

Sorry about how long its taken to get this sucker out, between the ending of the event, and my amazing ability to hurt myself I just haven't managed to get much done -.- Anyway, we have a lot of hunts to be done right now, including those two major hunts, right? Hang in there. A little terrifying tho, I'm already seeing easter hunts being promoted? *facepalm*

Agnes Finney - Through the 14th
Betrayed Heart hunt
DG Innovations - Still on as of Feb 1st
Greatest Love
Hectic Moon
Jenneh T
Lemania Princess Crystal Hunt
LVS - Through the 14th
Magia Accessories
Modd G.
OC creations - Still on as of Feb 1st
Petit Chou - Jan 30th through Feb 14th
Rayskin Hunt - on indefinitely
Razor Mall Anti Valentine's hunt Feb 9th -14th
Rebel Hope -
][][][ Ruin ][][][
Sanu - Through Feb 20th
Sway - Feb 1st through the 15th
Talyia's Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Tuli - Soon
Tiny Sim -Two new prizes!
Vain Kissed Hunt - Starts through the 20th
Zullay - through the 15th

have a good night ^^


okrebecca said...

scarlia inc seems to be over fyi, subscribo note says so

sileny said...

hey! Someone told me of a hunt at a place called Sasha's but I haven't checked it out yet. Apparently nice gowns in it.

sileny said...

And don't forget the starlust hunt!

sileny said...

oh oh don't forget the Kids grid wide hunt!

sileny said...

And the WHimsy / Deadly Gorgeous hunt too haha