Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Skin Bonanza!

Yeah so I am so in love with the skins in this skins party post it is a straight up skin bonanza. All the free skins lately have put little old me in skin hog heaven. I have found some new fave brands, tried some tones and makeup styles I normally wouldn't have, and have just been all around pleased with the goodies. TY designers!! Anyway, here they are:

The pink skin is a freebie at Frick and the white and tan tones are the lucky chair prize!! TY Uns for TPing me to the chair, you rock my cupcakes. If you have never been to Frick before, you need to join the subscribo because they give out gifts fairly often, and once they are given out they are removed right away to avoid the people who join subscribos, grab gifts, and leave (DON'T DO THAT!!!). Also there are tons of freebies and cheapies there.

Uns also informed me of a really good group for a store called Corrupted Innocence. It is 25L to join, but look at the free skins in store for group members and tell me it isn't worth it:

Best 25L ever! HAHA. And yeah there is even a men's skin as you can see, so get your man to join up too.

And I also wanted to mention the M&R Cupcakes hunt. There are tons of boxes hidden around the store filled with great lingerie, clothes and skins in a HUGE range of tones, such as these:

And don't forget all the past freebies, such as the massive pack of old skins, and tons of clothes that are upstairs in the attic.

OK, I'll be back with more skin post goodness later on!

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