Monday, February 2, 2009


So there is a new hunt going on. It's pretty intricate, and kind of difficult, but there are some pretty cool prizes to be had if you persevere. Especially if you consider there is a prize from DP*YUMYUM as well ;D. This is a Japanese hunt as well so it could be pretty pretty hard to get help, but don't be afraid to try, everyone I spoke to, even with my broken Japanese was hugely helpful, but I'll do my best to lay it all out for you here.

First you're going to start here, turn around, and you should see these vendors below. If you're a girl, you'll hit up the one on the left, boys go for the right. Whatever your sex you'll have to make sure to click the vendor in the middle.

The vendor on either side will give you the HUD shown below, as well as the other supplies you need to succeed at your mission. Whats your mission? Why, to kill demons of course. The middle vendor will give you a note card with all of the shops that have demons you can kill. Some are more hidden than others.When you attach the HUD it will be off, so you will click that off button to turn it on. After that you find the demons, you need to kill one of each color, and in the note card the stores are sorted by their demon's color. Look for symbols that look like this 「青鬼」, 「緑鬼」, 「黄鬼」, and so on. They indicate the different colors, and the stores associated with them.
When you find a demon, you will position yourself in front of him, and click the attack button. If you're successful in your attack he'll fall over and an X will appear over that color of demon on your HUD. You must kill one of each colored demon to claim your prize.

As you go from shop to shop you will notice vendors associated with the event. They'll have various items on the main screen. These are the prizes. Once you've killed all your demons, you can go to a shop of your choosing, click on the vendor and receive your prize. You don't have to have killed the demon from the shop you want the prize from to receive that prize. One other thing, you'll need a new HUD set for every run to get a prize, so grab a couple of them.
Now, there is another aspect to this event. There is a big boss demon you can kill as well, and you get a special prize for defeating him. The prize? That lovely bow you see above. It actually shoots too. I'm still trying to figure out how it works, but it's totally cute! The big boss is at the same place where you get your HUD. You first have to have killed all the other demons, then go to the big boss vendor before the pathway up to the house. It'll give you a new HUD set. Wear everything and head up to the house.

Position yourself on the red arrow, click start on the barrel near by, then start on the HUD. DON'T MOVE FROM THE RED ARROW. You'll have to kill eight or ten red demons first, just angle yourself toward them and click the attack button. Once you've killed the small demons you'll be presented with the big boss demon. Hit him 5 times. You can fail at this, but keep trying! Once you get the hang of it its really easy. Just be considerate to other people, if there is a line, don't hold everyone up ^^
There are like 35 vendors involved, and that is a lot of prizes. Some definitely better than others. There is one shop where everything is free to begin with, and their prize for the event? one of the things you can get free in the shop, so obviously don't waste your effort on that. Its the oni mask, which is really nice, but if you can get it free anyway, spend your demon killing voucher on something a little more exclusive ^^

The Lum set above is one of the prizes too, and totally cute. You can get it from *Candy House*
The Taiko drum set is a lot of fun, it poses you and has crackling thunder for effect, you can click the drums to turn it on and off,so you can walk around normally of course. This prize is at... scratch that, not books_remi, you get it at Ashiyu Gakuen

Probably the most notable prize available is the prize from DP*YUMYUM. Yeah, that's right. DP*YUMYUM. She has a super adorable blouse set as a prize in the event, you can see it in pink below. You get it in pink, yellow and green, and if nothing else, do the event for this. My god, it is SO cute.

This hunt is on until February 8th, but that's Japanese time, so be prepared for it to end sometime on the 7th for those of us in the states, and elsewhere.

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Trickett said...

Thanks Wrenja, I'd of had no idea how to do this. x: It's actually really easy once you get started though. :3