Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Sales!

Two fabulous stores started 50% off sales today! First off we have (Elate!). In celebration of the stores one year mark, they have made everything in the entire store 1/2 off and put out a cute pair of dollarbie shades for V-day. Now if you are like me and can never decide on what all you want a stores, you have one week to figure out all the goodies you want from Elate.

Outfit - (Elate!) Lillie
Top - (Elate!) Roxane

Secondly we have Digit Darkes. Everything on the upper level of their ever-changing build is half off. I ran there first because I have the hots for the corsets there, and low and behold, they are on sale! Only 80L A pop!

Left - Digit Darkes - Sassy Corset - Red
Right - Digit Darkes - Sassy Corset - Sunshine
(There is LOADS more than just these yummy corset tops.)

So go shop shop shop, all gorgeous creations, with super great prices, so sale or not, you should be frequenting these lovely shops. Back being a busy bee I go!

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