Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pink Invasion!

The tiny pink robots are taking over the earth, starting with my alt Xonx. I TPd into Leafy and the chair was an X, so of course I sat, little did I know it held tiny robots waiting to crawl all over me!

Heehee. But really, the Leafy lucky chair now has these tiny robots inside it along with the pose I am using to hold them. They come with or without heart particles and their little faces change expressions.

And how cute is the hair I am wearing?? It is a group gift from Lamb. Check notices, it's there! So cute. I will be stopping there to shop as soon as I find me some money! OH! And the choker I am wearing is a group gift from Katat0nik, but if you are not in the group you can get a color change version for only 25L!

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