Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pink Outfitters

Mmm, more yummy sales for you lovebugs to enjoy! This time it is Pink Outfitters. That's right, they are having a 50L sale on everything at THIS location, so go, buy everything up, and send some our way because us broke ass ladies here have put a lot of money into something secret lately, so we can't enjoy such fun sales. Kidding about sharing, but really, we're b-r-o-k-e and it's allll worth it. :D Anyways, I managed to scrounge up some pennies for a few cute pieces. You have until FEBURARY 16th to hit this sale up, so no rush! I personally can't wait to go back and get more.

If you know anything about me, you know I die for high-waisters, and these are just so damn cute. I resisted in buying black which I own too much of, and I'm glad I bought brown because just look! The belt is prim, to give the item even more depth, so cute. >.<
Top - [Pink] Bella Camicetta - White - 50L
Pants - [Pink] Director High Waist Pant - Brown - 50L
(Non related items - Maitreya pumps, Truth Hair)

Then, another secret fetish of mine is jackets, especially "track" style, which this is damn close to.
Top -[Pink] M. Kelso Jacket - Blue - 50L
(Non related items - ETD hair, Sn@tch Jeans, Pixeldolls tank top, UBU Pornstars)

*Exits to scrounge for more pennies.*

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sileny said...

Between all the avs me and my husband have, we have a whopping combined 6L. Now that's broke! hahah