Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So my favorite Zu appeared to me the other day as an adoooorable little robot, and I squealed with delight. She was nice enough to give me the LM to a little store called Leafy, primarily sells shapes and poses, but you can get this ridiculous little robot av in her lucky chair. Ugh, so cute.
you wants my harts?

I camped this chair for three days, and finally this morning got a W. Then Prudence tells me that Leafy sent a notice out over fash con. I'm not in fash con, so you can't say that I got this info from there, so nyah :P
Oh... you no wants my harts. :[

edit - slurl fixed >.>


sileny said...

You are so cute. Don't let me see you in that because I will have to pick you up and squeeeeeeze you.

okrebecca said...

hmmm very cute, typical zu find, but the chair's not in leafy anymore this morning :/