Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You want Ballet Boots?

So, can't help but notice the most recent trend. Dunno why, maybe because I spent almost half of my life on the barre, or maybe because I'm a dirty little fetishist, but it seems like everyone loooooves Ballet boots all of a sudden. Its fine, I'm not knocking you for it. I love them myself, and have for quite some time.

I know part of this is because of some new sculpt maps that have become available on the grid, and everyone wants to get in on the fun. Which is cool, but I'm just going to be honest, and you can call me a hater if you must. The shape on them, its horrible. I can't get past the shape, at all. There have been some creators who put some really nice details on them, and if it weren't for the shape, I'd probably consider purchasing them, but ugh, that shape.

Call me elitist, call me a bitch, whatever. I feel like I have to give you another option, especially for the people who know enough about ballet boots to know whats wrong with the sets that the grid is going crazy for right now, because there ARE other options. This option I'm presenting to you I, personally, would say is the best option on the grid.
I present to you DXD Ironworks. Purveyors of the finest quality ballet boots I've been witness to. They have a rather interesting selection, not huge, but there are definitely different varieties from more traditional versions of the ballet boot, to the pair I'll be showing off, the Iron ballet boot. These boots are notable not only because they have options for color and texture change, but you can add and remove the heel, not to mention the ballet AO that comes in the boots. No special AOs need to be bought, just strap these suckers on and you are golden, or should I say iron?I'm showing you the pair that I own, its the only pair I own from DXD so far, and I'm a bit poor at the moment, so I couldn't run off and purchase more for the purpose of this post, but I feel like my pair will give you enough of an idea as to what really nice ballet boots should be like, albeit not always rusty, or metal. The non iron versions of the ballet boot have traditional colors you can change the shoes too, but with the iron boots, you're going to get dark iron, medium iron, and light iron, as well as options for rust.
The textures and craftsmanship are divine, and the menu is easy to navigate. Turn the heels off or on with in moments, texture changes are a breeze, and... well, lets just be real, these ARE ballet boots. There is an option *if you so choose* to give up control of the boots to another person. With the iron boots, there is also an option to just have them be iron, without the rust, but where is the fun in that?
The boots I'm wearing retail for 500L. Boots in the store range from 400L for non ballet styles (mistress booties/boots with fun little spurs!), to 600L for the training ballet boot set. Honestly, the prices for these beauties are modest in terms of the quality you're getting. DXD Ironworks is a quiet shop, you don't see them advertising everywhere, and they are probably one of the best kept secrets on the grid... and totally unrelated, but I TOTALLY look like the fetish Sugarplum Fairy.


jenniewren writer said...

YES! THESE are the ballet boots I've been looking for. I love the shape. it is exactly he way it should be. For some reason the others all remind me of bound feet, and are kind of offputting.. I may have to do a splurge, because I can't believe how perfect they are!

sileny said...

I think DXD might still have those gorgeous freebie heels too. Not ballet, but hot none the less.

Wensledale Firanelli said...

I was wondering about the ballet boots going around. No offense to the designers with them currently out, but I just haven't seen any I liked. The ones you posted I like the best without the heel. Thanks for making a post about it as it explained a little why they are all over the place haha.

Prudence said...

On a note of quality and the over use of available new full perm sculpty maps, enough shiny latex pumps, and wrinkly over-knee boots! You want QUALITY over-knee boots, go to Dramachine or Abyss. You want quality pumps, go.. well too many places to list but shit, stop over producing things just because someone is selling a full perm map!

addison said...

Great post. I actually own the DXD ballet boots and have for quite a while.