Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good morning darlings, I'll be posting more pretty pictures of hunt prizes in a bit, but for now, here is an update about hunt situations.

- 14 indeed was not out, but it is out now.

- 24 is giving the wrong LM, for 25, you want to go to Yellow jesteR's main store here

- 74 can't be bought at the moment, so here is the LM to the next shop Magia Accessories


Sn@tch has pulled out of the hunt because people can't seem to mind their manners, now I hope to god that my readers aren't among those people, but if you are. Fucking shame on you.


Ivey the trooper that she is put the hunt prize back out, and has made it rather large, so I am told. I will personally stomp on your face if you bitch to(or about) Ivey about ANYTHING. kthx.


Prudence said...

If you guys have a problem mustering up enough effort to participate in a hunt when you want items from it, THEN DONT EVEN FUCKING GO ON THE HUNT instead of harassing the people who busted their asses making things for the hunt or organizing it or for that matter blogging it.

Life is sooo much bigger than a lag spike in SL. If you want something enough, you'll pull your heads out of your asses and deal with it, or move on and do something else. It's not the end of the world if you have to actually wait of hunt for something you want.

Grumpy Proo out. Respect the people who actually make you Second Life.

Lily said...

I was at Sn@tch this morning and actually received the hunt gift. It's an amazing outfit and now because of a few people every one will miss out on it.

I only saw one person being a bit tactless after some of the people from the sim asked everyone to lower their Avatar Rendering Cost and to not mention where the prize was.

I jumped ship and took off everything prim, put on a nice pair of pumps and some great short hair and went back(yeah and clothing lulz). The lag had dropped a bit for me but there were still people in there with counts over 3000 who just wern't getting the hint.

I think because of the content of this hunt it's going to be super popular so what people should take into account is that, yes, it will be laggy and to keep hints about where the prizes are to the Twisted group chat.

Lag-a-liscious or not be kind to the sim owners and to the content creators if you want to participate in this hunt. Now everyone is going to miss out on a great outfit because of it.

Fel said...

It's a shame about the Sn@tch prize and how people will miss out on it simply because of some fellow hunter(s) who couldn't mind their manners.

But, so far, in the Twisted Hunt chat, we've been having a blast!

Ty to the creators, and to V and Dys for bringing this hunt together. =) It's a relief that I can actually keep these prizes, instead of deleting most of them due to being holiday centered.

Purevil said...

I was one of the fortunates to receive the Sn@tch pressie this morning as well. I was going around in a pair of slippers, a t-shirt, jeans and some short hair. When I mentioned in the LCS chat about lowering ARCs..I basically got told to STFU I didn't know what I was talking about that if I didn't like lag to lower my graphics settings. I almost reached through my computer monitor...

Why do people ALWAYS have to act the assholes when others are doing something that is wonderful. Hunts don't organize themselves, freebies don't put themselves out, and items don't mark themselves on sale out of this air.

Due to shite behavior I have had the sad misfortune to see several creators pulling out of hunts, giveaways,closing camping and lucky chairs and special events, even going so far as cancelling group gifts and having to make the new 'silent groups' or 'chatter groups'..all because one bitch got an attitude and they, as business owners, try to do their best to appease everyone. And yes I do talk to quite a few business owners..and people forget. These are real people, with real feelings, and real lives too. SL is a hobby for alot of them. And I don't know how YOUR RL is.. but people aren't here in SL just to kiss your ass. And if people spoke to me on MY job how they treat business owners in SL..I would be in jail for slapping someone in their mouth. Not standing there kissing their ass...
two years in Sl..and people are ruder then I have ever seen in my life. I have to wonder if I am really on the adult grid the way some people act.

KUDOS to store owners for their work, patience and all the cool stuff they do and give out for people who are obviously less then deserving of it. KUDOS to the people who organize events and put up freebies, and come out of pocket for sims, stores, textures, DJs, and their own RL time and energy to make SL what it is. Even if there are still assholes in it...

Vasha Martinek said...

There is definitely some shameful behavior out there. Stuff that makes you embarrassed to be a human being at times, cuz you have to share biological classification with the questionable member of the species. :/

That said, I'm trying to punish the jerks and not everyone else, and ban is my friend.

Oh! And <3s for Fel. :)

Prudence said...

I vote you ban the fuck out of anyone who has the audacity to be a dick about something numerous people spent hours putting together for the general public and not their own profit.

Jezabell said...

i'm fucking pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssed. sn@tch was one of the only reasons i wanted to do this hunt, and now i don't get the gift!!!

Proo not logged in. said...

Be pissed at the cunts that roast people on their pathetic blogs, not the store owner. Ivey is a sweety.

Sorrowburn Aeon said...

It's both sad and hilarious to see the same idiots in real life who can't be happy with getting something for free acting just as bad IF NOT WORSE inside a game world about the same sort of thing.

The only difference is they're louder about it in-game because they can hide behind a veil of anonymitity and not have to fear any sort of real reprecusions.

And the best part of it all are the ones who speak up in defense of losers like that and say "they have the balls to say what everyone is thinking"; last I checked, not only were you not the spokesperson for everyone else but you even post behind ANONYMOUS and not even your in-game anonymous nicknames because you're afraid of a legitimate counter-arguement and or what the people you claim to speak for may think of you.

Bottom-line, TLDR: If you don't like something that is given to you for FREE and with RL time and effort put into it, cool, don't waste your time grabbing it and move along.

But to take time out of your small and insignificant life to bitch and moan about something you weren't even forced to take part in just because you didn't like the gift, or the lag, or the situation is downright sad and pathetic.

Jezabell said...

I love Ivey to death, and I would've done the same thing she did...I read her blog, and I am totally team Ivey on this one.

Jezabell said...

her not referring to Ivey...her referring to the certain blogger liking to cause d-r-a-m-a

Mar said...

I'm so glad Ivey reconsidered, and so bloody angry at the inconsiderate entitlement whores that I've seen in some places, stamping their pixel feet and demanding to know where the box is because they've not found it after being in the store for 20 seconds.

That's why it's called a HUNT, people. You're supposed to hunt around a bit for it. That's where the fun bit comes in. And of course, the designers that have given you this great stuff for free would love it if you checked out their other items for sale (I know that I, and many others, have found some fab stores that would never have come to my attention otherwise while doing this) so they're not going to put the damn prize in plain sight, spinning right in front of your eyes at the landing point.

I think recent, much easier hunts have spoiled some people. Sure, it's annoying when you simply can't find a box because the store owner has been a bit *too* good at hiding it, but that's what the group is for. Yesterday was a helluva lot of fun, in-group, with the brilliant cryptic (but helpful!) clues going out.

Kudos to all the merchants offering prizes, and to everyone with a low ARC being considerate of others.

Anonymous said...

Through the magic of google I actually found someone had blogged the twisted hunt prize from my store. Always a pleasant surprise since my stuff is mostly ignored by bloggers. (Even though I always try to include a gift for men as well as for women. *sigh* Oh well politics are everywhere.)

As for the attitudes of people collecting gifts well enjoy it while it lasts. Hunts happen because:
A: Someone agrees to subject themselves to the extreme hassles of logistics and attitudes to run a hunt
B: Designers agree to participate and usually with really nice works.

Hunts do not happen because anyone feels obligated to give anything away. Abuse it and lose it.