Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Blue has some more freebies out, but some of them are only available through this weekend, so get them while they're hot. First up, there are new colors of the sailor outfit. Cute little sneakers included. I am going to post the colors each time they come out because I love them. Deal with it! lmao

Second, three outfits of yumness. The first outfit has tons of parts to it, and also comes with a shape and skins, which I have not shown. The second outfit is, as you can see, lingerie. :P And the third outfit is a full male AV! Yes, that is "He"leny my male me. The male set comes with a skin too, but it is not shown. The shoes in the first and third pic are included in the sets. OH! And the hair in the first and second pics is included too :O Yes, even hair. Gotta love Peppermint Blue.
And you should head over to Tea Lane and grab this cake hat. Because it rocks. It is a whopping 2L. GO GO GO. More people need to wear cakes on their heads. Why? Because I say so.

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