Thursday, March 12, 2009

Starryyy + Moon

So, if you are in LCS, you have probably noticed that I have been stalking a Lucky Board for weeks, if not longer than that, and am still going at it. What on earth could I fancy so much?

Well, at LMEA, there is a lucky board hiding in the moon, yes, the moon, with awesome wearable stars, that you ride. I love things that you can ride (Objects people, not noob peenor, kthx).




The board has a total of NINE colors of the star, which is menu driven via chat command. There is also a cute goth-like rezzable moon in the board as well.

Two static poses, not changeable, and are "couple-like" Wren sat on it when I first rezzed mine, and we ended up holding hands. -.-

The star emits particles that follow you when you walk, run or fly around. They glow, and are static colors with a total of six fun animations and one static pose. This lucky board has been up for ages, and I believe it will stay up as the board is the only place in store you can find the stars!

Take this SLURL, when you land, let things rez a bit. Don't try to get lost, or fly up, if you fall off the little tiles, you'll land in mermaid poses, which hey! If you are a mermaid, this store is an added bonus for you fishy-ended friends. Anyways, walk across the little floating tiles, and on the left wall of the small open-face shop, you'll see a TP sign. Click it, and you'll be in the moon with the board, which is on a ten minute timer.

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