Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hey there babies, I hope you like the new layout. Its quite lovely if I do say so myself, and I'm happy to finally get a new layout up, thank you Prooooody

Skinzors. When Allias dropped her gift for Twisted on me for the preview posts, I could hardly stand how amazing her contribution was. Well, right after the hunt started, she priced EVERYTHING in her shop at 50L. Time to go shopping! Black on Track (Love) on Prudence -50L for fatpack

Not only shoppin
g, but chair stalking, and there are a couple of decent dollarbies and freebies hiding about the store as well. Her lucky chair has a fat pack of boots, yeah, not just one pair, EVERY PAIR. The chair is also on a 2 minute timer, with wildcards, so you're essentially set. Call 50 of your closest friends and have a party!

Regardless though, everything in the shop is 50L, from skins to clothes, and I have yet to see anything in the shop that isn't fantastic. I don't wear freckles, but there were some gooorgeous freckled skins, called Innocence, that you should definitely check out if you're down for freckles. Not all of the makeup is heavy either, I promise. I just really like heavy eyeshadow... yeah, shush.
The clothes are great too, and when you can get a fatpack of eight track jackets for 50L, you go for it. Especially if you love you some Love/Hate. If you didn't notice in the first picture, thats right, there is a love track jacket and a hate track jacket. Skinzors is officially an L/H approved store, forEVER. I also can't help but push you to get the PIG shirt, because PIG is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.


jenniewren writer said...

LOVE the new layout!! and this store is SO on my "to be raided" list.. yummmmm

oh - just as a giggle - my verification word was pubicsac. i kid you not. O.o awesomenessssss

Prudence said...


Wrenja said...

ahahahaha that's hot.

Jezabell said...

The new layout is kickasssssssssss

Ed Al said...

Please make the background move with the text. It's so distracting that way and hard to read.

Anonymous said...

wait do we get to vote on the background moving? because i way prefer it not.


Proo says said...

If I made the background scroll with the text, it would repeat and look horrible, so it will stay fixed as is. Sorry if it's a bother to you, =/