Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Elmo Is The Patron Saint Of Sailors

When I watch quiz shows I always hope I'll learn something but the short contemplation of a multi-choice question isn't really anyway to learn. So I'll remember this one if I make it a title. x: Title explained, onto the pictures. They have nothing to do with sailors or saints (for once this month).

This is the Neko outfit in the chair at Little Britain Designs. For some reason I couldn't sit on the chair the first couple of times, I think it just has one of those awkward sit points so click about if you end up sideways in it, it will work. x: There's also a USA beater-type-top and jeans outfit for both genders in the other chair which I probably should have tried to win but I'm lazy. x:

Close-up on my face 'cause you can't really see the piercings. I'm liking piercings a lot these days. Still not liking taking head shots so much. This set is from the Here Comes Trouble subscribe-o-matic. It has both the lip hook and eyebrow pins. :3

Bikini / Boots - Little Britain Designs - Lucky Chair
Piercing - Here Comes Trouble - Subscribe-o-matic join gift

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