Monday, March 2, 2009

Twisted, on sooo many levels.

Okay, so Wren and I backed Ace into a corner and forced him to be our model for the mens finds in the Twisted hunt. Forgive him if he comes off as a bit hodge-podge, he still models so well. Love on Ace, he's a fragile boy, as you'll see in the end of this post.

Anyhoo, if you haven't seen all of Wrenny's posts about the amazing goodies to be had in the Twisted hunt, you are behind! Even though it's only day two of the hunt, which lasts alllll month long, hop to and feed off of the wicked treats you can get from this hunt. It's a good time, good gifts, and a great group of support and friendly people to help you when you get stuck if you join the Twisted group.

Now, on to our model, Ace!

Top; A-Bomb Twisted hunt gift.
Jeans; X~Madness & Mayhem~X Twisted hunt gift.
Accessories; Retox Twisted hunt gift.

On a friendly, yet brutally honest side note; If you cannot handle the lag of stores, especially well-populated one while doing a grid-wide hunt that thousands of people are also participating in, then don't do the hunt. Period.

Now, as promise, Ace camped with Wren and I at Zanzo, and I finally got a picture of him all dressed up in his new shirt! Check him out;

I'll be honest, I wasn't in love with the shirt when I saw it as he sat to camp, but it looks pretty good on him eh? This item is a 120 minute camp if I'm not mistaken, be prepared to sit for a while boys (Or girls)!

And, as an extra special treat of the day... last night Wren and I were at Katat0nik, as you all know she stocked the chair up with 9 colors of the same adorable dolly dress, and well, it was late.... we had an A on the chair.... and had someone flip it for us. The ever-so-lucky person just happened to be our studly eye-candy friend Ace, who refused to model his new outfit at the time......

.... and yet, corners and intimidating bitches = One sexayyy manly-man of a model!

Sad part, he actually makes it work, esp with those Armidi shoes.

Have a gorgeous day lovebugs, and get out there and get hunting! Don't let March make you mad.


Wrenja said...

That is hot.

okrebecca said...

on a brutally honest note, if you're just going to blog the same freebies as everyone else, maybe you shouldn't?

Wrenja said...

That's funny, I believe the only freebie in this post that has been blogged would be the kata dress, and that was more of a joke than anything else. Especially since its been blogged previously here. Also, considering we're still the official source for info about the Twisted hunt, we are obliged to post prizes from it.

Please take your negative energy elsewhere. I never had an issue with you Becca, but I'm not going to deal with your bullshit on my blog.

Prudence said...

No one asked you to read our blog, much less love it so much you felt obliged to comment, so if you hate the content we post, click the close button on your browser and carry on to something that better suits your split personality, Sweetheart.

Roblem Hogarth said...

First, Thank you for Blogging my items in the Twisted Hunt, as it is the first blog I have seen them in. Secondly, worry not about the jealous comments of lesser bloggers. Some people can't get out of their own way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

On the other brutally honest note, everyone needs to keep their Avatar Rendering Cost under 2000 in lagfest hunts like this. Give up the high-alpha hair and scripted attachments for a few hours and be kind to the rest of us. This is not a fashion show.

Proo said...

On another brutally honest note, conversation is over. Onward to bigger better things, and brighter days!

Jezabell said...

I would like to say (on a brutally honest note) that I appreciate y'all blogging the Twisted stuff...which would make sense seeing as how you all are the source for the Twisted info...makes it easier for lazy asses like me to just go get the shit I'll like because I (unlike some) would rather see what's out there and just get what I like instead of going from store to store bitching and moaning about laaaaaaaaaaaaaag (such an odd concept with a gridwide...especially on the first day). I know my computer sucks so kudos to you all for helping a girl out.