Sunday, March 1, 2009

Twisted review part the fourth

It really just keeps getting better. And you damn well better be thankful that Ivey is totally awesome and reconsidered, otherwise? You would have missed out on this adorable set, complete with hat. The socks are part of another set, but are available in the hunt!Sn@atch - Twist of fate set

I love how no one felt restricted to any one thing, there is a jet, lots of clothes, lots of accessories and then, someone, like Batshit Tower just comes out of left field with an awesome steampunk kitty av. Its not just steampunk, its a pirate kitty too :O

..:Fatal Error:.. is one of those stores I'd never known of before, but I'm totally digging the outfit (after I scrubbed the bling out of the bracers *shhhhhh*) This set comes with a skirt, shoes, necklace and the bracers previously mentioned, but I'm just so into it like this, it's hoooot (boots in the picture are J's engineer boots).

I have such a love hate relationship with tattoos on the grid, so many are just ridiculous combinations of weird shit, that I want nothing to do with them, but this tatto... this tatto is quality, and its part of the gift from Cyanide, which also comes with a piercing and a pile of poses. Mmmm poses.

I can never get enough jewelry, I have this strange obsession to hoard it, and then never wear it. I try so hard to though! I love this necklace, its so cute, and you can see the clasp of the necklace in the picture above with the Cyanide Tat. The necklace is really well made, and beautiful.

I hope you're having fun hunting, and unpacking all your prizes. If you don't know whats going on at this point, I have to wonder, but its the Twisted grid wide hunt, it starts at +DV8+ you're looking for little red Lament configurations, the puzzle box from hellraiser. There are 103 stops, and piles of amazing prizes. gittoit.

another update through - Pasara # 101 and GOR&KO #98 are no longer in the Twisted Hunt. (Too many problems with the cube) I'll be getting the skips for those two later.


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heyy I wanted to make sure everyone knew that we at Sn@tch pulled out of the hunt on sunday afternoon. The hunt gift will be available to group members this weekend so if you click the subscribe o matic in the main store, you'll get that notice when it comes back out. Sorry about the trouble.