Wednesday, March 11, 2009

yeow, you're twisted :s

Eleven days in so far, and the Twisted grid wide hunt is stilll driving people crazy, with the ever moving lament configurations and amazing prizes available, you know you feel so much more satisfied with your gifts when you've worked for them, and for the most part? The hiding places are not that difficult.Dilly Dolls - I eat Bunnies set

You still have twenty days to do the hunt, so don't stress out, but don't slack either, I hope you've at least started it, if the prizes I've previously shown didn't do it for you maybe some of these will, cause there has been hardly anything worth tossing I've found so far. We've got Dilly Dolls, A-Bomb, and Indie Rose today. The Dilly Dolls set shown above, is really lovely, so much time was put into it and I love all of the details, from the ears... to the little bunny tail (not shown).

A-Bomb is catering to the rockabilly girls with their gift for the girls, they also have a gift for the boys too, so don't miss out on that stop guys! I'd never heard of Indie Rose until I stopped there for the hunt, and when I put on the gift I was happily surprised, its a nearly complete av (no shoes or hair) but you do get the skin shown, a shape, and the clothes, which are toooooootally cute!

Indie rose - Jessica set

One last thing, tonight at +Neurosix+ they'll be hosting a Twisted Hunt party from 7-9 pm SLT, with all kinds of prizes, including those best dressed in hunt prizes, so get creative, and get down, its sure to be fun, with plenty of stompy industrial music to keep my darling little kiddies happy.

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