Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Couple Quickies

Here are some nice saucy goodies I ran into today.

These pants are a subscribo gift from Etoile. They are tight and awesome. I LOVE TIGHT PANTS. They are sexy. More men and women must learn this. But anyway. The boots from are the sweater boots from the Sweeter Than Candy subscribo. If you are not in this subscribo, well...I don't know what your problem is. There is also a new Midnight Mania prize and lucky chairs and a 1L Valentine's gift in the store!

Pixel Dolls subscribo also sent out a gift, which is a big fatpack of lingerie. These things are so sexy. I was hanging at my parent's house and totally bored while my daughter played with my mom and everyone else watched football (blech) so I went onto SL. When I clicked copy and wear on this lingerie and my dad walked by and was like "oooh" I was so uncomfortable. LMAO.

There are four or five colors of the top and the thong is only in black. So cute!

So, yeah, click some subscribos and bring more joy to your SLife.

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