Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ivalde and Chiffon Cakes!

Two sticky quickies for ya.

Join the Ivalde update group, TP to the store, and touch the sign by the stairs to receive this so adorable doggy love dress. Love, love, love Ivalde. Ivalde releases gifts fairly often, plus they have camping chairs, a lucky chair, a freebie/discount room, and their prices are fair. Stay in this group if you are a true SL Vintage Fashionista :D

Second thing, my good friend Uns shares my love of cuppy cakes and sent me a link to store called +Chiffon+ that I had never been to. I was pleasantly suprised to find out the lucky chair contained a cupcake pose cushion! YAY! Look how happy I am! There are 5 (I think) colors you can win and I want them all so please TP me if you see an S there!!

And while you are there you can check out the many dollarbies, including this cute I Love... Love tank top which comes in white and pink.

Alrighty then, have the funs!

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