Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Lazy Places has put out a ton of 25L goodies in their snack shack and I got ALL of them. Yes, I have an SL foods addiction. I am aware of this. Now, let's move on to the pictures.

Head cupcake and mouth fruit! The mouth fruit is actually a pack with lemon, lime, orange, cherry, ad banana. Head cupcake and mouth toast! There are two types of toast in store, this one named Rye-Anne, and another named Wheaton. I love puns!!

An apple for my noggin and some poppable gum for my mouth! The gum blows and pops on command. It is a sphere shape, but my graphics suck and made it all square.

And now...mouth spoon!!!!! I love mouth spoons. Look at those gummi bears! YAY!

And for you dark siders, the mouth spoon of DOOM. The skull is the same skull Katat0nik uses in her designs, so have fun with the matchy matchy!

All of the items are interactive, meaning you and anyone else can click on them and make cute saying happen. And at only 25L each, that is some cheap entertainment! And there are tons of cute food prizes in the 7seas fishing there too.

The hair I am wearing is the latest release from Junwave and costs only 80L a color. I am deeply in love with Junwave's hair and this one did not let me down. So hot. And now I am broke and have no money to buy the Analog Dog new release hair I want. So much good hair, so little L's! LOL

ok, have fun!

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