Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Much Love from +DV8+

+DV8+ threw down yesterday with a special gift in their subscribo for valentines, and new goodies in the lucky chair! Not just a few prizes either, there is a whole pile of awesome stuff in the chairs! But first, lets take a look at this gift, its the fabulous new Chained Heart Choker. It retails for 75L but you can get it for free in the subscribo right now!After you've joined the SOM and gotten your gift, turn your behind around and spend some time at the lucky chairs, the boots below are just one of the sexy ass pairs you can get, there is pink, blue, violet (shown below), red, and a pile of cyber dreads. You know you want the cyber dreads o.o
There was also a new release of these lovely boots in a HUGE variety of colors. They retail at 400L, and are totally worth it. I have a feeling I'mma be dropping a LOT on these boots. So cute >.> ugh I loves +DV8+


sileny said...

there is a pair in the chair where the boot itself is the deep purple and the straps are pink and it is exclusive to the chair and i want it sooo bad!

Vasha Martinek said...

Awww, we <3 you too =)