Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So Xonx was wandering around in some fun outfits, made up of fairly recent freebies, so I figured "Hey, Let's blog them!" So...here we go!
Dress by Bingo, but sold at the Elate! mainstore. 1L only! On a little shelf buy the lucky chair. The boots are by Sentou Yousei from the brand spanking new subscribo! So freaking pretty. The nails are by Candy Nail and are free at the Palamos Island location. Primmy goodness!The brown dress is the group goft from Parallel Love. I highly enjoy their group gifts and think you will too. The boots are a subscribo gift from Truth (who are still having the 50L hair and 200L skin sales). The hair in both pictures is free at the Palamos Island location of Novocaine.

OK, hope you found something useful!

p.s.- if the sentou yousei slurl lands you in the water, just fly straight up.


okrebecca said...

blah can't tp/map/enter into edgemont sim at all....palamos locations for candy nail and novocane won't work, any tips? tricks?

sileny said...

o.O That's weird! Did you try searching Candy Nail and seeing if the Palamos location was in search? I hope ya found it!